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Listed by class title for all of Jackie Lakely's classes. Scroll down to find the material list for the class you are enrolled.
Mixed Media Techniques:
11 x 17 or larger pad of bristol board, mixed media paper, and/or gesso boards, canvas paper (at least 10 sheets total)
GAC-100 Medium or Liquitex Satin or Semi-Gloss Liquid Medium 
Acrylic paints - tubes or liquid - in at least a red, blue, yellow, white and black or payne’s grey (Recommend Golden, Liquitex, Blick)
One tube of Titanium White paint
Painter’s Tape or other low-tack tape for securing paper
Assortment of brushes - Recommend a large flat, 1” flat, medium and small rounds, and a liner
Pencils, eraser, sharpener for drawing
*Optional* - Extra Fine Point Sharpie, charcoal, oil pastel in black and white
Watercolor Foundations, Watercolor: Loose and Bright, & Farmer's Market Watercolor:
12 x 16 or larger watercolor pad or block (ideally a mix of cheap paper for warm-ups and some nicer quality paper)
2b and 4b Pencils - recommend Derwent water soluble and one dark Derwent Inktense pencil
Basic set of watercolors in pans or tubes (at least student grade by Windsor Newton, Sennellier, or Dan Smith)
Assortment of watercolor brushes - Large flat, 1” flat, medium  and small rounds, and a liner 
Painter’s tape or other low-tack tape for securing paper
Extra-fine Point Sharpie or other black ink pen
*Optional* - Masking fluid
*Optional” - 22”x30” sheet of 140 lb or 300 lb watercolor paper
Explore Possibilities in Acrylic Painting
Thick paper such as bristol board, Fabriano paper at least 140 lb., or mixed media paper in 12"x16" pad or larger
One canvas at least 11"x14" in size (square sizes are fine, too)
One masonite board (Ampersand, Blick) at least 11"x14" in size (square sizes are fine, too)
Sketching pencil, eraser, sharpener
Painting rag and/or paper towels
Selection of brushes ranging from at least 1" flat or larger, a mid-size round, to liner
Basic acrylic paint set in liquid or tubes, including at least the primary colors and white and black or Payne's Gray (buy the best quality you can afford to avoid frustration - Liquitex, Golden and Sennelier are the best options)
Optional: Painting medium such as GAC-100 or Liquitex, matte and gloss gel, varnish, and Caran D'Ache sticks in white and black