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Oak Park Art League Code of Conduct
In order to provide students, members, visitors and staff with an appropriate program environment, the Oak Park Art League (OPAL) has adopted the following Code of Conduct: OPAL will not tolerate any conduct or behavior that is disruptive of its educational or other programs. Students shall not engage in any conduct or behavior that:
(1) threatens the safety or comfort of any student, employee, faculty member or visitor; (2) is a danger to themselves or any other student, employee, faculty member or visitor; or (3) interferes with OPAL’s ability to conduct classes, workshops, studio sessions, special events, exhibitions or other OPAL programs.
OPAL has the sole right to determine whether conduct or behavior is in violation of its Code of Conduct. Some examples of unacceptable behavior are, without limitation:
• Being present on the premises or in class under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or other abusive substances
• Sexual harassment, inappropriate touching, verbal abuse, physical violence or threat of physical violence
• Discriminatory behavior or comments against a student or instructor’s race, religion, ethnicity, gender or culture
• Disruptive behavior in class which undermines the instructor’s authority, or which interferes with other students’ or models’ ability to participate effectively
• Damaging or destroying the property of OPAL, other students, staff, members or visitors.
Violation of the above may result in sanctions including suspension or expulsion from OPAL programs and/or premises; forfeiture of tuition, fees, etc.; financial responsibility for any damage caused; and, in the case of a minor, parental notification and/or being sent home at the parent’s expense.
Adopted by the OPAL Board of Directors: 4/28/2016