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Listed by class title for all of Amalia Kouvalis' classes. Scroll down to find the material list for the class you are enrolled.
Oil Painting: Principles & Technique
Most supplies are available at Dick Blick
  • Oil Paints: titanium white, ivory black, cadmium red, cadmium yellow, ultramarine blue, pthalo blue, yellow ochre, burnt umber, viridian green
  • Brushes:  A few brushes [specifically for oil paint, not water color or acrylic] in a range of sizes: between 2-3 small, medium, and large brushes. Round and flat brushes are preferred
  • Turpentine: Gamsol or Mineral Spirits
  • A Palette: A glass palette is preferred for easy cleanup. You could use glass from a glass frame if you don’t want to purchase one from Blick’s
  • Brush Cleaner/Soap: There are many out there in art stores, but ZOTE soap works really well
  • Palette knife: At least 2 different size/shape palette knives is preferred
  • Linseed Oil: OPTIONAL, but preferred
  • Rags
  • Painting clothes/smock/apron
  • A canvas: Size is your choice, but smaller than 24x36” is preferred, unless you are at an advanced level
  • A glass jar
  • Liquin: OPTIONAL, but preferred