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Painting in Oil and Cold Wax


SUPPLIES FOR FIRST CLASS: *See detailed Supply List for specific recommendations/suggestions. Bring what you have. Oil paint - black, white and at least 6 colors (a mix of warm-cool, opaque-transparent, light-dark) to start. Cold wax medium Odorless mineral spirits and small container with lid to put them in. Arches Paper for Oils - 11”x14” pad Disposable Palette - Pad of Palette paper or freezer paper or non-stick aluminum foil taped to a firm surface works well Blue or green painter’s masking tape - 1” Paper towels or Blue shop towels Palette knife - at least one, more if you have them - trowel type, various sizes/shapes Squeegees - a variety of sizes & types A small pad of Newsprint or any that you may have lying around Wax Paper Things you can use as tools that might have lying around the house or studio - toothbrush, old ruined paint brush, small cheap brushes, skewers, scribing tools, stencils, cheesecloth, tissue paper, doilies, eye dropper, drawing media, pens, pieces of bubble wrap, anything that can be pressed into the paint to make a mark. See supply list for more suggestions. Mineral or vegetable oil for clean up Vinyl gloves Apron or smock, old clothes - this can be messy