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Listed by class title for all of Stephanie Rose Bird's classes. Scroll down to find the material list for the class you are enrolled.

Organic Abstractions: 
A variety of drawing materials and appropriate paper as well as sketchbooks.

350-400 pound cold or hot pressed watercolor paper or Arches Mixed Media Paper.

Large newsprint pad with vine and compressed charcoal.

A variety of paints and or inks you are accustomed to using and new ones you’d like to try. 

Appropriate brushes to suit your paint.

Substrates (prepared surfaces on which to paint).

Masking, watercolor or blue tape


Mediums of your choice

Mixed Media Discoveries:

-Substrates in a variety of sizes (including gesso boards, watercolor boards, gessoed heavy weight watercolor paper, wood panels, illustration board - 3-12 for the session (depending on the size used and the amount of detail)

-Large GAC-100 Medium; Golden satin or gloss medium other Golden Mediums as desired 

-High Quality Acrylic paints - tubes or liquid - primaries, earth brown (burnt sienna, raw umber etc.,) titanium white and ivory or mars black (Recommend Golden Acrylic brand)


-Painter’s Tape (Blue tape) to fix paper to board or wall and as a stencil

-Assortment of brushes - Recommend a large flat; medium and small rounds, filbert, bright and watercolor wash brushes, plus a gesso brush (brush size depends on size you want to work)

-Eraser and pencil sharpener for drawing

-Variety of Oil and Water-based drawing materials, such as vine charcoal and compressed charcoal, crayon d’ache, oil pastels, water-soluble drawing and colored pencils, water-soluble pastels and regular chalk pastels, China marker, watercolor markers…

-Miscellaneous mixed media: twigs, wood, metal, ceramic fragments, mirror pieces with appropriate glue/cement to fix to board or panel.

-Gloves if desired

Soulful Explorations:

-Assorted brushes suitable for your chosen media, sizes appropriate for your painting surfaces, for example: a bright, flat, filbert, round and thin brush for detailing, along with wash and gesso brush.

-Various sizes of Painting and Drawing Substrates (heavy-body watercolor paper, painting panels, canvas)

-Water-based Paints of your choice: including Dr. Martin’s colored inks, fluid and heavy-body acrylics and watercolors

-Drawing materials such as: Sennelier oil pastels, water-based crayon d’ache, water-soluble pencils, pencils, water-soluble and regular chalk pastels, vine and compressed charcoal.

-Variety of Golden Acrylic Mediums to compliment your work and ideas.


-Gloves if desired

-Water containers

-Repurposed and clean cans and jars with tops for mixing paint with mediums

-Palette (glass or plastic with segments and a cover works well)

-Fixative for drawings (Krylon, Lascaux, etc.,)